Lemon Rags Lives Again via Feelnumb.com X Worn Free Collaboration

When Lemon Rags was open the “Rock N’ Roll” inspired tees from Worn Free were always one of our best selling brands.

feelnumb.com Lemon Rags Worn Free Tee Shirts Rock N' Roll Raul Rossell

We made sure to keep our store full of the t-shirts worn by John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain, Ramones, Debbie Harry, Gram Parsons and many more.

Lemon Rags Tees Studio City Worn Free Raul Rossell

After closing the store in 2011, Raul Rossell founder of Lemon Rags went on to create feelnumb.com, one of the top rock n’ roll history websites in the world.  Fast forward to 2016, feelnumb.com and Worn Free founder Steve Coe are collaborating on a feelnumb.com curated store of Worn Free Classics, Lemon Rags Classics and BRAND NEW shirt designs.

Worn Free feelnumb.com Lemon Rags Rock N' Roll T-Shirts

The first shirt of the feelnumb/worn free collaboration is this awesome FOREVER FADES shirt.

feelnumb.com FOREVER FADES worn free lemon rags tee shirt

Shop the collection below and be ready to pick up some classics soon.