Tom Morello Rocks Shirts Bought At Lemon Rags

In a bit of irony, I bought every Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave album ever released and I am a huge Tom Morello fan.  One day, I ran into him and drummer Brad Wilk next door to Lemon Rags outside my favorite restaurant Teru Sushi.  Being the big fan that I am, I gave Morello & Wilk the Lemon Rags exclusive “Corporate Retail Still Sucks” shirt.

Raul M Rossell Lemon Rags Corporate Retail Still Sucks Shirt
Corporate Retail Still Sucks by Lemon Rags model: M Rossell

A few days later, to my surprise Morello walked into the store and said:

“I wore that shirt and liked it so much I had to come in and support you”

We talked about music and the I asked him about the concert Audioslave did in my parents homeland of Cuba as he shopped around.  He bought a bunch of shirts and now the musician I had supported for years was now supporting me. The really cool thing is, a few weeks later the Street Sweeper Social Club album was released and the shirts he bought at Lemon Rags were featured in press photos and even in the music video for “100 Little Curses”.

Lemon Rags Tom Morello Street Sweeper Social Club 100 Little Video Bumpy Pitch
Fall River Marksman by Bumpy Pitch via Lemon Rags

This L.A. Aztecs soccer shirt by Bumpy Pitch was also bought at Lemon Rags and was worn along with his burnt Les Paul Guitar on the front page of the Los Angeles Times promoting the album’s release.

Tom Morello Lemon Rags LA Aztecs Shirt Les Paul
L.A. Aztecs by Bumpy Pitch via Lemon Rags (

Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Morello as one of the top 25 guitarist of all time so of course I had to  “fan out” for a quick second and have him and Wilk sign a Lemon Rags Tee Shirt postcard for me.

Check it out…

Tom Morello Brad Wilk Autograph Lemon Rags Raul Rossell

It always felt great when people I supported and was a big fan of would turn out and support my store.

Thanks for the memories…

Raul Rossell

Lemon Rags Was The “Unofficial Provider” of Tees for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Back around 2007-2008 the wardrobe department of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” popped into Lemon Rags Studio City, California store looking to find unique t-shirts for Dennis, Charlie & Mac to wear for their upcoming season.  Having heard about our great selection, the wardrobe department soon became regulars at the store.

Lemon Rags Shirts It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Raul Rossell

Our tee-shirts also became regulars on the TV show. We sold a bunch of shirts from many different brands like Bumpy Pitch, Homage, Junk Food, Retro-Sport as well as our own brand of shirts.  Both of these Detroit inspired shirts worn by Mac (Rob McElhenney) below were purchased at Lemon Rags.

Detroit Gun Shirt Lemon Rags Studio City Raul Rossell It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Mac Homage
Detroit Gun Shirt by Homage via Lemon Rags
Lemon Rags Raul Rossell It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Detroit Express Bumpy Pitch Shirt Mac
Detroit Express by Bumpy Pitch via Lemon Rags

This Fall River Marksman shirt worn again by Mac was also sold by Lemon Rags to Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave and used in the video for the song “100 Little Curses” by Street Sweeper Social Club.

Always Sunny Lemon Rags Shirts Mac Marksmen Bumpy Pitch
Fall River Marksman by Bumpy Pitch via Lemon Rags

This Lemon Rags shirt covered in fluorescent paint was used in the classic season 5 episode “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry“. The ruined shirt was jokingly returned to the store by the wardrobe department for a full refund but instead it became a souvenir of our past.

Lemon Rags Raul Rossell It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
via @lemonrags on Instagram

The “Always Sunny” cast even gave me this autographed poster that I proudly displayed in the Lemon Rags dressing room until the day we closed our doors!!!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Lemon Rags Tees Studio City Shirt Raul Rossell

I know the cast wore a ton of other Lemon Rags shirts, I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open and camera ready while watching IASIP repeats on Netflix.

Raul Rossell