Lemon Rags Burbank Opens December 10, 2005

Lemon Rags Burbank Opening 2005

Lemon Rags opened it’s first store in Burbank, California on December 10, 2005.  Check out our first promotional postcard we would hand out to other business in the area.

Lemon Rags Burbank Opening 2005

Lemon Rags set out to become the ultimate Rock N’ Roll tee shirt destination.  We felt qualified to sell band shirts because we had the credibility of having a state of the art full recording studio (Capacitor Sound Studios) right behind the store.

Capacitor Sound Studios Burbank Lemon Rags Raul Rossell

Here’s a great photo of the Burbank, California store taken by our good friend Wiley Hodgden.

Lemon Rags Raul Rossell Wiley Hodgden

It’s a distant memory now but I am pretty sure my very first customer was Miley Cyrus before she became famous. One of these days, I’ll go dig through the boxes of old receipts and check it out.

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